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24000 BTU Mitsubishi MR. SLIM Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner SEER 19

Air conditioner, mini split air conditioner, ductless air conditioner, mini. Split ductless air conditioner system. Mounted mini split single zone heat pump 19. Seer – 24,000btu (w/remote control).

Cooling / heating / dehumidification / air. Package does not comes with any copper line. Slim mszge24na+muzge24na wall mounted mini split single zone. Heat pump 19 seer, 12.5 eer, 10.3 hspf, cop 3.46.

The high efficiency of these mitshubishi mr. Slim mini split ductless systems like mszge24na+muzge24na.

Helps them pay for hemselves by slashing electrical. Strong, quiet and efficient dc motors are. Used both indoors and outdoors. Super high-seer mini-split heat pump will provide. You with 27,600 btu of heating for winter and.

2 ton of cooling for hot summer and it comes with. 1-mszge24na wall mounted 31,400 btu unit with. This unit are the modern muzge24na – up to 31,400 btu outdoor. Complete system creat the perfect.

Clymate control for your space. Fan blades, condensers and evaporators combined. With variable speed inverter-driven compressors. Compressors automatically adjust to fluctuating. Have little-to-no ducting, they forego those energy. Losses typically associated central forced-air. Duct losses can easily account for more. Than 30% of energy consumption, especially if. The ducts are not sealed tight or in an unconditioned. Space such as an attic or crawlspace. With high as 25-seer seasonal energy efficiency. Ratio, systems mszge09na+muzge09na and mszge12na+muzge12na. Are among the highest rated efficiency equipment. Wall mounted mini split single zone heat pump? Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use pump refrigerant and transfer heat from one. When we transfer heat from within. Our home to the outdoors, we call it air. Heat from the outdoors to within the home, we. Because naturally much colder than outdoor temperatures. Even on a very cold day, it actually absorbs heat. From outdoors, and transfers the heat it absorbed. Outside to within your home. Physical properties do this naturally. Pay for is the electricity to pump refrigerant. Via copper tubing from outdoors to indoors. We move the heat rather than create it as electric. Baseboard or resistant heat does, we can deliver. Up to 4 times the heat for the energy we consume! Slim mini-split heat pump systems.

Mini splits offer flexibility because they suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush behind. A drop ceiling, hung on a wall or floor-standing.

Ductless heat pumps allow for a peaceful inside. Environment by enabling the contractor to install. Components like compressors and motors outdoors. Bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, basements, sunrooms, new additions and renovations are applications. That can take full advantage of the single and. Inverter-driven compressor systems in the outdoor. Unit detect subtle changes in temperature and, like a car’s cruise control, automatically adjust. Compressor speed-unlike conventional units, which. Within the compressor increase the magnetic flux. And reduce its weight, allowing the generate higher energy efficiencies with better. Performance than ever before- at low levels of. Sound during start-up and running. Start reduces the instantaneous peak demand. Associated with ac equipment starts. Starts at minimum speed, avoiding high inrush.

Current associated with standard compressors. Mini split single zone heat pump 19 seer, 12.5. Eer, 10.3 hspf, cop 3.46 – 22,500 btu at a glance.

Stylish, slim and elegant, wall mounted units. Are designed to complement any interior decor. Energy star products make a difference in our. Homes, our environment and our future.

Energy star products in your home, you can battle. Global warming and pollution all while saving. More efficient appliances lead to lower. As an energy star partner, peerless.

Mitsubishi’s multiple filters for cleaner, healthier. Mitsubishi indoor units use a sophisticated multi-part. Filter system to remove contaminants such as allergens, viruses and bacteria from the air as it circulates. The hybrid catechin pre-filter absorbs odor-causing.

A blue-enzyme anti-allergen filter reduces. Germs, bacteria and viruses and helps trap dust, pollens, mites and other particles; the filter. Uses an enzyme catalyst to help break down the. Sulfur atom bonds in allergen proteins, transforming. Process makes the catechin filter washable and, if properly maintained with monthly cleanings, effective for more than 10 years. Maximizes energy savings by making sure only. The energy needed to cool or heat an area is used.

These mitsubishi heat pump systems provide heating. Down to -13 f outdoor ambient and produce up to. 100% heating capacity at 5 f (msz-fe09 92% 5 f for msz-fe12). Comfort in extreme climates while being extremely.

Typically there is no need for. Resistance electric or other supplemental, energy-consuming, devices to provide this performance. The i-see sensor detects the always troublesome.

Regions of temperature closer to the ceiling and. The i-see sensor also controls the. Airflow up to a wide 150° lateral angle for. Ultimate comfort (90° angle in cooling mode). By scanning the room and making adjustments based.

On the ambient temperature readings. Process the msz-fd09/12na systems achieve superior. Cooling/heating performance with extremely efficient. Set featured on msz-ge systems provides the program multiple settings into one “quick”. Press feature providing an additional level of. The powerful mode (found on select systems) is.

Available to cool or heat any desired space lowering the set temperature in cooling mode. Or raising the set temperature in heating mode, both by 7° f. In powerful mode, the fan speed.

Increases for 15 minutes then resumes standard. Slim system control in the palm. Mitsubishi electric offers a comprehensive remote. Controller that controls temperature, fan speed. Choose from four modes: cool, heat, auto and dry.

The controller also has a 12-hour. On/off timer for one-button control of your personal. Mounted mini split single zone heat pump 19 seer, 12.5 eer, 10.3 hspf, cop 3.46 – 22,500 btu other. Slim systems have iso and etl. Environmentally friendly and ari performance certified.

Sleek, modern design with easy to access controls. 19 seer, 12.5 eer, 10.3 hspf, 3.46 cop. Auto louver: up/ down – wall mounted units only. Coil dry mode – wall mounted units only.

Quiet mode – wall mounted units only. Return air-intake – concealed units only. Branch duct capable – concealed units only. Cooling capacity btu/h: 8,200 – 31,400. Heating capacity btu/h at 47f: 7,500 – 36,900.

Operating range cooling, f: 14 – 115. Operating range heating, f: -4 – 75. Maximin fuze size (amp): 20. Refrigerant piping max total length each ft.

Refrigerant piping max combined total length ft. Outdoor unit noise level db (a) heating hi/low:55/55. Otdoor unit weight (lbs): 119. Outdoor unit dimensions hxwxd (inches): 34-5/8. Temperature setting range cooling, f: 57 – 90. Temperature setting range heating, f: 60 – 80. Drain pipe size, od: 5/8. Electrical connection, awg: 14/3 with ground. Sound pressure level db (hi, me, lo, qu, dry): 53/49/41/34.

Indoor unit weight (lbs): 37. Indoor unit dimensions hxwxd (inches): 12-13/16. Remote controll type: wireless optional wired. Mitsubishi mr slim mszge24na+muzge24na wall mounted.

Eer, 10.3 hspf, cop 3.46 – 22,500 btu includes. Mitsubishi mr slim muz-ge24na-1 outdoor unit. Mitsubishi mr slim msz-ge24na – 1 wall mounted. Mitsubishi mr slim wireless remote controller.

Mini split single zone heat pump optional accessories. Mitsubishi air outlet guide (mac-856sg). Mitsubishi m-net control adapter (mac-399if). Mitsubishi ma contact terminal interface (mac-397if). Mitsubishi wired remote controller (par-21maa;requires mac-397if). Mitsubishi remote temperature sensor (m21-jko-307). Mitsubishi lockdown bracket for handheld controller. Mitsubishi condensate pump (230v; si3100-230).

Mitsubishi replacement anti-allergy enzyme filter. (two pieces per set; mac-408ft-e). Mitsubishi mr slim mszge24na+muzge24na mounted. 5 year parts / 7 years compressor. Mitsubishi mini split ductless heat pump and.

Air conditioner system – more benefits. The high efficiency of mitsubishi mr. Helps them pay for themselves by slashing electrical. Mitsubishi electric is without exception the. Industry leader in split-ductless air-conditioning.

Our innovations have defined cutting-edge. Technology for over 28 years. See that no one surpasses the mr. Performance for quiet, easy-to-use and energy-efficient. And because our split-ductless technology.

Carries the mitsubishi electric name, you know. Every product is built to last. Slim systems deliver the ultimate in comfort. Control for your home or office. And will be comfortably evident for years to come. Slim systems have three main components: an.

Indoor unit, an outdoor unit and a remote controller. Installation is as simple as mounting the indoor.
And outdoor units, connecting the refrigerant. Lines and making a few electrical easy installation for your authorized contractor. Means you will be quickly enjoying the comfort. Long will it take for you to receive your order. Same day if order is placed before 10:00 a.

Orders placed after 10:00 a. Their website for further information.

Your geographical location from our warehouses. Address of your credit card. If it is possible to your location. It is all about quality, features, discounted prices. There are very many fly by night company’s every year.

That start business and then dissapear after 12 – 24. Or damaged products, fix them and resell them. It is good to find great deals, as long is from reliable company. Our website for years to come but will also back it. Up with lowest prices for brand new items. Sell refurbished or used items, our products are warehouses straight from factory. On bbb website that should assure you of our well. So not only you will pay less at kingersons, but you. Will have peace of mind that you have a company that. Other company’s who will leave you stranded after few. Is one of the leading wholesalers in usa. We cover over 10,000 products and services in over 80. In addition to detailed product. Will not only help you decide. The right product for your needs, but back it up with.

If a product does not meet our strict. Quality control standards, we will not sell it.
It is our do everything we can to make our customers happy. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Because your our number one priority, we will do what it ensure your experience with kingersons a positive. Meet the latest trends/demands and the prices are always. 20-40% lower than what you would find in store and on.

Was established with the mission to bring quality, low cost products for you and your family. We are sales offices from 9-5 monday thru friday, but that. Large volumes thus saving on each product’s price, and. Passing it on to the customer. And it is most likely that we sell to large discount. Good as cutting out the middleman (the retailer). Note: we do not carry or sell any imitations, knock.

The quality of our products is what you will find at the department stores. Only knock you will get is our knock out prices!

On this website a safe one. Are mini split air conditioners ?

The central air conditioner units, mini split. Air conditioners have two main components: an. A conduit, which houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate. Drain, links the outdoor and indoor units through. A small hole (3 inches usually) that is the wall of the building. Of split air conditioners are their small size. And flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling. (for four zones or rooms) connected to one outdoor. The number depends on how much heating or.

Cooling is required for the building or each zone. (which is also affected by how well the insulated). Since each of the split air conditioner. Zones/rooms will have it’s own thermostat, you.

Are in a office building at a higher floor, you. Can also install outside compressor using our. Is this something that i could install myself ? If you are good technically. You may or may able to do it.
Some people do the handyman. Work on the indoor and outdoor unit and pay a. Small amount to an electrician to hard wire the.

Outdoor unit and pay hvac professional to vaccuum. The lines before releasing the refrigerant. People choose to do it all by themselves with. Any of your local professional air conditioning. Company should be able to install it easily for. Installed professionally and enjoy the benefits. Of energy efficient mini split ac for year’s to.

How easy are the units to install? Ensure an easy installation and fault free operation, we recommend the unit be installed by a professional. Noisy are the units ? Many reasons why they are very popular.

Units are typically no noisier than a standard. Domestic fan, but as they do make some noise, consideration should be given to their location. How does it work ? Uses a high quality compressor and environmentally. Friendly “green” refrigerant to cool. Your home, and an innovative heat pump keep your interiors warm in cold weather. Near silent operation is made possible by installing. The compressor outside your home or offi ce.

Air handler (indoor ac unit) in your designed for. Ideal climate control, allowing you to cool or.

Heat or dehumidify your interiors. You can conveniently adjust the fan speed, air.

Flow direction, and oscillating louvers via remote. Control, or simply set the 24 hour timer for care. How will it look in my home or office ?

That has been designed to blend harmoniously with. Your home and offi ce interiors. These high performance, high quality appliances are offered in three beautiful.

Unlike window mounted air conditioners. Of yesterday, the ductless split ac is mounted. High up on walls, not in windows, preserving your. Outdoor views for all to enjoy.

Here to see some examples. How much do they cost to run ? Energy efficient units provide localized cooling. And heating for certain parts of your home or. Office, rather than cooling or heating other areas.

Control enables you to reduce your energy bills. Seer ratings we have is the best standard in industry.

And mini split ac’s are most energy ’s you can ever find. I put the unit in a basement, attic, garage, office. The ductless split easily installed anywhere.

Drain pipe is pitched to the outside. Cases, a condensate pump may be required.

Of installing compressor on the ground or backyard, can i install the compressor on the roof? The connection lines go up to the roof, instead. Can install the compressor on the roof or on the. Ground, would not make any difference. Why mini splits are so convinient for installations. Check the installation diagram below.

What is the operating range of. Units are rated to work between 0-109°f or. More depending upon the features you get. Can this be installed by an individual who is. If you install it yourself, will you need charge up the lines.

Lines need to be charged up with refrigerant and. That it has to be setup by a qualified air conditioning. A set of gauges for r410a and a vacuum or just. Contact a hvac qualified service tech and pay. Between $150-$200 for a final set-up after you. Do i have to use a vaccuum ? The lines is essential under any weather conditions. The actual procedure is dehydrating the lines. You are taking all the air. And moisture out of the lines. There is any air at any given time, and it will get. Into any lines that were open.

This, the system may have a complete failure within. If i wanted to run on cooling mode below 60 deg outside, how can. I do it without freezing the unit ? People use heat mode below 60 deg, this is only.

For people who want the cool mode on even below. 60 deg to keep some of their equipment cold in. You can add a low ambience features to the outdoor. Unit so it does not freeze on cooling mode below.

Remember the outdoor unit does not freeze. On heating mode when the temp outside is below. There are generic kits that can be picked up at. Local hvac suppliers that will work. Need to be installed by qualified hvac technicians. Supco is one brand of these types of units. It is installed inside the outdoor unit. A circuit board about the. Size of a cigarette pack and requires a little.

Creativity to find a spot it. It then needs to be wired into the. They vary from $125-$250 could be bit higher. Can the indoor unit be installed upside down ?

What is the issue in installing indoor unit it. Would not drain properly and water would flow. Into the unit shorting out controls. Why choose a mini split air conditioner ?

Mini split air conditioner is a cost effective. Choice to central air conditioning. However, typically more expensive than a wall or window. Air conditioner and you need a professional to.

Since the compressor sits outside. The split air conditioner is very quiet and efficient. Since mini splits have no ducts, they avoid the. Energy losses associated with the ductwork of. For more than 30% of energy consumption for space. Conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an. Unconditioned space such as an attic. Split air conditioners are also sometimes install than other types of air conditioning.

For example, the hook-up between the. Outdoor and indoor units generally requires only. A three inch hole through a wall for the conduit.

Can provide a variety of lengths of connecting. So, if necessary, you can locate the. Outdoor unit as far away as 50 feet from the indoor. This makes it possible to cool rooms.

On the front side of a building or house with. The compressor in a more advantageous or inconspicuous. Place on the outside of the building. Comparison to other add-on systems, split air.
Conditioners offer more flexibility in interior. The indoor air handlers can be. Suspended from a ceiling, mounted flush into a. Drop ceiling, or hung on a wall.
Profiles of about seven inches deep and usually. Come with sleek, high tech-looking jackets.

Is this something that i could install myself. If you are not sure what you are doing, you will end up installing it incorrectly and thereby. Does this operate like regular ac with help of. Just like the conventional wall thermostat. That turns on for cooling and heating. You set the temperature for the room for example. 70 deg in ac mode, the compressor outside will. Run and then will shut off once the room is 70. Deg, but the indoor unit will keep running to. Circulate and clean the air. The room jumps up to 75 deg or example, the compressor. Outside will turn on again and bring the the room down to 70 deg. The only time it will turn off is if you off or have it set on a timer setting.

Unit a metal or a. Case as plastic vibrates and make a buzz. Made of galvanized enamel coated metal.

All split condensers are 100% weatherproof. Rain, sun and snow won’t bother. The distance between indoor and outdoor be more. Is it ok to extend it upto 90 ft? What kind of pipe extentions or what i need?

Either solder silver the new. Copper lines on or flair with a coupling. Where will i get this quality from? Yes, home depot or any plumbing supply. The copper tubing diameters for all. Vary, but mostly 1/4 and 1/2 tubing for. 3/8 and 5/8 tubing for 18k &. On the wall should i install the indoor unit and. From the top of the air handler inside and required. If i want the indoor unit installed at a 6 ft high. You have no choice and want to mount it lower, efficinecy. Will be low and may not cool well. So higher the indoor unit, will cool the roof. I install indoor unit 2 ft above the floor ? Recommended but may work ok though. Floor not recommended in mini splits. A ptac instead for such application. Mini splits have air purification. There controls on the indoor unit itself or only. The outdoor unit be in the straight line with. Betwen condenser and air handler line is ok. Size breaker and gauge wire would you suggest. But mostly for a 24,000 btu unit is rated. For a 20 amp breaker, which requires 12 gauge. Wire at 25′ distance between outdoor unit. The 18,000 btu unit is rated for a 15 amp breaker, which requires 14 gauge wire at 25′ distance. Between outdoor unit and the breaker. The 12,000 btu unit is rated for a 20 amp breaker, which requires 12 gauge wire at 25′ distance. The 9,000 btu unit is rated for a 15 amp breaker, which requires 14 gauge wire at 25′ distance. There only one copper tube or two ? The drain line a flexible tube or solid pvc on. Power need to be run to both units indoor &. Only to condenser outside unit than it feeds to. Vary, but mostly a 24,000 btu unit is rated for. A 20 amp breaker, which requires 12 gauge 25′ distance between outdoor unit and. Check the manual for accurate installation guidelinese. Does not meet our strict quality control. Standards, we will not sell it. You to be satisfied with your is our policy to do everything we. Can to make our customers happy. Your satisfaction is our number one. Priority, we will do what it takes to. Ensure your experience with kingersons. Year, there maybe some instances that. The product you received is damaged. If the unit is delivered. Damaged, we will have it picked up and. Send a new replacement at our cost. You will not pay a single cent. Same model – if customer upgrades or.

Downgrades to a different model, we’ll. Treat it as a return and new order. Wants to return it instead and wants. Apply regardless if damaged / defective. Any problem with the product we will.

For a mini split ac is $160 – $450/per. Unit depening upon which package you.

On fragrances is $5.99/per unit. Requested within 15 days after the receipt. For any claims after 15 days with the. You decide to return the product for. Any reason, you should request an ra#. The order and you wanted to cancel the. We will gladly cancel your order and. And 3% credit card processing charges. We truly appreciate your business.

And continue to do our best to earn. Satisfaction is guaranteed with all. In case any of the rare. Complications occur, we will handle.

Them upto your best interest and satisfaction. And replacements must be requested within. 15 days after the receipt of the product. Decide to return the product for any.

Reason, you should request an ra# return. Contact our office for assistance. Contact kingersons within 15 days. Kingersons at that point will provide. Your tech support for any assistance. You may need with the product in future. On air conditoners you will receive. Five years on compressor and one year. Florida, missouri, georgia, texas, arizona and canada. 100% authentic brand new products.

If we can’t beat the price, we will give you a product for. Split air conditioner, split air conditioner, ductless air conditioner, mini.

The item “24000 BTU Mitsubishi MR. SLIM Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner SEER 19″ is in sale since Monday, November 14, 2011. This item is in the category “Home & Garden\Home Improvement\Heating, Cooling & Air\Air Conditioners”. The seller is “holiday_gifts” and is located in New York. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Brand: Mitsubishi
  • Model: MSZGE24NA / MUZGE24NA
  • Type: Split System
  • Energy Star: Not Compliant
  • Cooling BTU/Hr: 24000
  • SEER: 19
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